Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Firm Foundation

It seems to me that our world is falling apart.

That sentence is not an exaggeration; rather it is an observation that has been made by many people. So many things are going wrong nowadays. Abortion is no longer looked upon with disdain, euthanasia is becoming more widely accepted, teenagers are idiotic, and marriages are much shorter than God intended. All of these things have become normal and even expected. It breaks my heart to know that I am not a “normal” teenager, but one that is highly unusual. A “normal” teen would be doing things that I would not even like to describe.

All these things have led me to a conclusion about why our world is falling apart. We have taken a world created by God, and sucked all the godliness out of it. God’s design has been thrown out the window, and worldliness has taken its place.

Think of it this way; a builder is given instructions by his superior to build a brick house. While in the midst of the building process, the builder begins to get cocky. The builder begins to value his own ideas over the plans the superior has given him. When the time comes to place the bricks in the mortar, the builder decides that Jell-O would be a better substance for keeping the bricks in place, so he substitutes that in place of the mortar. In the end, the house comes crumbling down.

Is that not what we have done in our world? Have we not become cocky and decided that we are a better judge of our lives than God is? Haven’t we completely rejected the plans God has given us only to trade them in for plans of instant pleasure but future heartache? Why are we so set in our OWN ways?

It disgusts me to see how even I as a Christian think I know better than God does! I often make split decisions without consulting God, and I always regret them later. Sometimes my selfishness takes over, and I decide that I will just do what I want so I can have that instant gratification.

God has given us all consciences to guide us in everything that we do, but we often shut them out so we don’t have to take the time to see if our choices are good ones. We need to listen to our God-given consciences so we will not make choices that will require future consequences! Perhaps that little voice in each of our heads is there for a reason! Perhaps we should listen to it once in a while!

One of my favorite analogies in the Bible is that of the man who builds his house on a rock opposed to the man who builds his on sand. When we choose to follow the plans God has given us, we are choosing a firm foundation…one that will never falter. But when we choose our own directed path, it is only a matter of time before the sand shifts beneath our feet.

I hope you and I alike will be able to make the conscious choice to build upon solid rock and follow the plan God has prepared for your life. I pray that the world will see that they are replacing the mortar with Jell-O and will decide to change their wicked ways.