Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Drastically Different

Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with the fact that I am so very different from other people my age. I’m not complaining, it’s just hard sometimes.

I love being with my family and I enjoy their presence. I enjoy movie night with my family much more than I ever enjoy a movie night anywhere else. I don’t really care for hanging out with big groups of people because I am pretty shy. Unfortunately, when you are a fifteen-year-old, a lot of things are done in big groups such as church camp, retreats, and other church activities. I choose to stay home with my family instead, so I can’t ever seem to get to the point where I’m accepted within a group of people.

I also am homeschooled, which makes me drastically different from others. My values are different from other Christian teens, I don’t always agree with everything that is done, and sometimes I am even made an outcast just because I am so different. I have been pushed to the outskirts many times based only on the reason that I am not like the others. People don’t know how to relate to me (even though I can carry on a conversation, quite well), so they don’t even try. It’s hard to be homeschooled for this reason, but I wouldn’t give it up just to fit in. I have a feeling that even if I did go to public school, I would still be different.

I wear skirts. Skirts that go below the knee, and sometimes even to the ankle. Not every day, but I LIKE wearing skirts. I had a girl come up and ask me once if I was Amish. Yeah, that was kind of weird. It’s not that I have anything against wearing pants (I even wear shorts as long as they are modest), I just truly enjoy wearing skirts and dresses. I even dress up to go to church. Most people my age don’t wear anything different to church than they would to go to a ball game, but I do. I think it’s a sign of respect toward God, and that’s just what I have always done. I wish people wouldn’t judge me based on my clothing. Aren’t we supposed to look past the outer layer? I have no problem with people who wear jeans to church. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever even thought about it! I just wish people wouldn’t think I’m weird because I wear skirts two or three times a week!!!

My mom is my best friend. I know that’s pretty unusual in the world today, but for me she is who I turn to! When people ask me who my best friend is and I tell them that my mom is, they all look at me in disbelief. I don’t have to have a bunch of friends I can turn to because I have my mom! I wish more girls realized how wonderful a close mother and daughter relationship can be!

I’m not allowed to watch certain movies, listen to certain music, or read certain books. And I’M OKAY WITH THAT. Yes, really. I don’t care if it’s “popular” or “cool”. My parents set my boundaries and I completely trust their judgment. I know that if they say, “Molly, don’t read this,” that it is for my own good! I don’t go behind my parents’ back and do things that I know are wrong, because their rules are for my protection. AND I’M STILL OKAY WITH THAT.

I may have become an outcast in this world, but ultimately, that doesn’t matter. It may be hard for a time, but I know it is more important to be doing the things God wants for me to do! The standards of this world will be thrown out and trampled on the day Jesus returns, so I need to live up to His will, not my own.

I would appreciate prayers and encouragement, because it will still not be easy. However, I am determined not to let that make me give in to what I know is wrong.

“And if on some point you think differently,that too God will make clear to you.” Philippians 3:15


  1. Amen, my dear! I found myself saying I do that too! after everything you said. (Except being homeschooled.) There are times when it's hard, but there are times that I love being different! It's such an opportunity to share with people why we're different. I'll pray for you!

  2. you may think you are an outcast for being different but what you really are is a role model!! I can only pray that I will be half the mother yours is and raise my girls too be as drastically different as you are. That is why you are my first (and only) choice as a babysitter and why I am honored to be your friend! I will be praying for you and I will make more of an effort to encourage you. Never give up, you are drastically different and it is an enormous blessing!