Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Common Misconception

My parents are gone for ten days on a Caribbean cruise. As much as I would like to be on that cruise with them, I would really have them back here so they, my siblings, and I can be a family again. I miss them a whole lot, and look forward to their daily calls just so I can hear their voices. I love my parents so much, and wish they were here with all of my heart.

Now most of you who know me can tell that my family is extremely important to me, and I would do anything for them. Being homeschooled has made a huge difference in how I view my family. When you are with them all day every day, it’s pretty lonely when you have to spend ten days apart from them!!

It seems to be expected of teenagers in the world today to treat their parents with disrespect, disregard, and as if they have no real value. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked through the mall or into a store and heard a teenager complaining about their parents, saying how unfair they are, and how they just don’t understand them. This always makes me wonder if I have ever said anything disrespectful to a friend about my parents. I try not to, and hope to succeed until the day I die.

Why is it that teenagers are predisposed to dislike whatever they say or do? Could it be because of the television shows on today? Could it be because that is just what has come to be expected?

My dad came home from work the other day and told me about an incident he had had with a coworker. I can’t remember how the conversation started, but basically my dad had said how he was glad I wasn’t like other teenagers. The man asked how old I was, and proceeded to tell my dad that there was still time for me to become like the rest of the world. My dad said that I would never become like that because he had told me not to, and the coworker said that it doesn’t matter how hard a parent tries, the child will rebel at some time (break curfew, talk disrespectfully, etc.)
My dad just told him that he was sure it would never happen to me (thanks, Dad!) and the guy just laughed as if my dad was ignorant.

It hit me that even the parents expect their teens to rebel at some point! Maybe it’s not all the teen’s fault after all, though it is mostly their problem. The parents have just stopped trying to teach their kids how not to behave, because everyone else acts like it, so why not? I thought that was pretty sad.

I love my dad so much for sticking up for me and my reputation. He told that man that he has told me how not to act, and that I am obedient enough to follow his direction. I’m sure the guy though my dad was crazy, but maybe he will be surprised in a couple of years when I am still not in trouble.

I am hoping to break the trend of going against my parents, because I have come to realize that they really DO know more than I do! They have lived much longer than I have, and have the wisdom that I have not yet acquired. Proverbs 16:31 says, “Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained by a righteous life.” (See Mom? Those gray hairs are for a good reason!!) I love my parents so much, even though I sometimes do things to hurt them. When I disobey them, it is usually because I have come to see through the world’s perspective of the parent/teen relationship. I hope I can stay faithful (with the Lord’s help) to my promise to honor my parents no matter what the circumstance.

If you get to read this on your cruise ship in the middle of the Caribbean, Mom and Dad, I love you very much and wish you were here with me right now! I can’t wait until Sunday to see you! I love you, and want to try to be the best teenage daughter you could ever have.
Love you,

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  1. We missed you too, Molly-bear. Thanks for letting us go! I'm glad our family is back together again, too. Love you!