Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Just Hike It Up

It seems to me that one of the biggest problems in our world today is modesty. Not one person can even walk into Wal-Mart without needing to cover the eyes more than once! It doesn’t even matter that it is the middle of February, and it’s freezing outside… The inappropriate clothing is still prominent.

I think modesty is so important because of the many boys in the world. When girls walk around half naked, it exposes them to something that they do not need to ever be exposed to. No matter how hard they try to stay away from girls like that, they still cannot keep their eyes from accidentally seeing something. I want to respect my brother’s in Christ and all the boys of this world in the way I dress, so as not to influence them to do evil.

Now, my modesty standards are probably higher than those of the average person, but I don’t think that’s a problem. I would like to share with you what I believe is Biblically appropriate and I personally would wear. If you know me very well, you know that I am SUPER modest, and don’t even own something that I feel uncomfortable in. So here it goes…

My Modesty Standards:

A. Shirts

1) No v-neck shirts without a camisole under it.
2) When I bend over, nothing must be exposed.
3) Not too tight.
4) No spaghetti-strap shirts or skinny strapped tank-tops.

B. Pants

1) Not too tight.
2) Shorts are not any shorter than one inch above the knee.
3) When I bend over nothing is exposed.
4) When I sit down, no one is embarrassed.

C. Skirts

1) Not any shorter than past the knee.
2) When I sit down, no one can see up my skirt.
3) Not too tight.
4) Can walk without looking like a penguin.

D. Dresses

1) Not form fitting or clingy.
2) Past the knee.
3) Modest neckline.

Now I realize that most people would classify this as over the top, but this is what I feel is right, and what God wants me to wear. Every time I try something on at a store I ask myself this question: “Would I wear it to church? Would I wear it in front of my youth group or my minister?” I do not buy anything that I would not feel comfortable wearing at my church. With this simple technique, I keep myself from buying anything that might be even in the slightest inappropriate.

Girls and modesty do not seem to go together any more. I hope that I can be an example to them in the way I dress, even if I am a bit uptight about it. If I could tell the girls of this world one thing, it would be to hold the front of their shirts when they bend over. It’s really not that hard, and it saves all the other people in the room a lot of embarrassment.


  1. "Can walk without looking like a penguin" is the most awesome modesty guideline I've ever heard. :) I completely agree with you. I used to think that modesty was on the rise compared to previous years, but then I realized I'm just desensitized to it. It's so good to have a reminder every once in a while.

  2. Molly, you have officially grasped what around 95% of the world never understood. :-) I've been thinking about this topic a lot lately and this really cemented it in my mind! I love you sis!



  3. Russ Spicer said once:

    Bend over and touch your toes
    If anything shows,
    the outfit goes!