Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Journey to Bethlehem - Part 3

(Continued from last week – Mary’s Perspective.)

We’ve been traveling for over two months and I am exhausted. I can tell that Joseph is, too. I can’t believe he has walked this whole way, letting me ride the donkey! I can’t imagine how exhausted he must be.

I am nearly nine months pregnant, now. I can’t believe how quickly it has gone! Although it has been difficult, I cannot wait to bring this babe into the world.

With this excitement comes fear, though. I am so afraid of the pain of childbirth, but I cannot let my fear get in the way of God’s will. My mother’s instructions relieve some of my trepidation, but I still can think of nothing else.
Joseph has been kind to me, letting me stop as often as I need to stretch my legs. The long months on the road have put so much stress on him, and yet he has never lost his temper or been rude to me. I truly have found a gem for a husband.

Early this morning we reached Bethlehem! It seems like so long since we have seen other people and eaten real food! After many months of eating the same foods, we will finally taste fresh fruits and vegetables! I have been craving something other than the salted meat and dry bread that has made up our meals for so long.

I climbed off the donkey and shook my legs, excited to see my husband’s birthplace.
A catch in my back kept me from straightening for a moment, and Joseph looked down at me in concern.

“I’m all right, Joseph. Just tired and sore!” I said. Joseph sighed with relief, and tied the donkey to a tree. Then he grabbed my arm to support me and we began walking through the town. Every now and then, Joseph would point out something that he remembered, and even tell stories about his childhood.

It was then that I realized how little I knew about my husband. Although we’d known each other for ten years, I never thought to ask him many questions. To do so would be inappropriate, but now that we are married, such questions are not unseemly! The rest of the day we took turns asking each other questions, and I learned much about my sweet husband.

On the way back into town, my back pain began getting worse and worse. Joseph once again glanced at me in concern, but this time I could not reassure him.

“Mary! What is happening? What is wrong?” Joseph asked. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself down, but I could not deny the fact that my labor pains had begun.

“Joseph, please go find us a place to stay. I think the baby is coming!” Joseph looked at me in horror, and began running toward the nearest inn. But then he quickly ran back out again. I was in terrible pain, and I did not know what Joseph was doing. He had been in four inns already!

“Mary, there is no room for us! The only place available is this farmer’s stable. I’m so sorry!” Joseph gasped, out of breath from worry.

I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. The son of God would be born in a dirty stable. And it would happen tonight.

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  1. Oh, Molly, this is beautiful...brought tears to my eyes!